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Chanel – New York City Flagship

Oversized at up to 192″ in size, this monocromatic storefront on East 57th is a feat in fabrication with heavy-hitting, 3,000 lb laminates and a digitally-printed perimeter frit band to complete the standout signature facade for Chanel’s New York City flagship.

48,000 lbs of Glass

Chanel’s redesigned flagship store on East 57th ave includes over 48,000 lbs of fabricated glass from AGNORA. The black and white facade -a play on Chanel’s signature tweed- includes 16 oversized panels at 124”x192”, with each panel weighing over 3,000lbs.


Since the panels incorporate a striated pattern (applied post AGNORA fabrication), we used a low-iron extra clear float glass with very high light transmission for transparency and purity of colour.

Laminated with 2 layers, including jumbo SentryGlass interlayers, the panels were heat-strengthened, combining solar control with thermal insulation properties.


A black ceramic frit border was digitally-printed to provide a clean sightline.


To install such heavy units, in a high-traffic concentrated area, AGNORA recommended a toggle system to attach the glass to the building. Waterproof plastic pockets are embedded in the silicone joint and spaced apart depending on the engineer’s direction. Several types of pockets offer shallow or deeper retention area. The IGU is mechanically fixed back to the facade by means of retractable tabs and a threaded restraint. They are more flexible, simple, cost-efficient and can lead to reduction in installation time.


In order to provide greater resistance to thermal, mechanical stresses, and achieve specific break patterns for safety glazing applications, the glass for the Chanel storefront was heat-strengthened.

Heat Strengthened Glass is produced with surface compression levels less than fully tempered glass. These lower compression levels yield a product that is generally twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness, size and type.

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